Sunday, 14 October 2012

Prenatal Yoga

Hey There!
I know its been ages that I have updated my blog, had my garment jury and was pilled up with submission -_-!
This semester we had to pick from Kidswear or Sportswear category to design our garment. I decided to dive in and explore the Sportswear category, its surprising to see that though the garments look extremely geometrical and easy there is so much of hard work and thinking that goes into designing and constructing a garment as simple as a top and leggings.
The garment I designed is for Yoga and that too for a select group and occasion, while going through all those trends, ads and research I observed a very peculiar trend amongst both Hollywood and Bollywood actresses which is being picked up by our posh Metro City girls- being a hot and healthy mom to be.
A lot of Women all over the world have adopted Maternity Yoga as their way to fitness and avoiding that double chin and oodles of weight all over the body (unlike our poor little Aishwarya, who was highly criticized by both press and people).
This unique style of Yoga is called Prenatal Yoga which one can start as soon as your second trimester begins to as long as the delivery date! No wonder why likes of Shilpa Shetty, Uma Thurman, Drew Barrymore and Lara Dutta have been idol Mommies for all pregnant women.
Coming to my garment...
The garment has two components:
1)Maternity Top with inbuilt sportsbra.(In Single Jersey Fabric)
2)Maternity high waisted leggings.(In French Terry and Cotton Ribbed Fabric)
The isnpiration for my garment comes from the 7 Chakras and the theme I picked was Reverie.
The color BLACK is used as based on a survey I did among pregnant women, Indian Women are extremely conscious of their baby bump showing (you know, the whole thing of nazar na lage) and obviously because black makes them look thin and hide the excess flab from showing.
The graphic print on the side seams, empire lines, hairband etc is also designed by me that is based on the colrs of 7 chakras.
The over all look of the garment focusses on making the women feel confident of their look and feeling good and happy through out their pregnancy phase.
The logo symbolizes a healthy blossom with the silhouette if a pregnant women in green thread and the leaves in applique.
Here is how it looks.....

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