Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Swimwear season over the past few years has gradually turned into a year round business; it starts earlier and ends later each year. There are shows happening all over the world back to back and you wouldn’t want to miss a single outfit on the ramp.
And with vacations already here, everyone is in a frenzy to find that perfect swimsuit to wear to whether its to lounge around on the beach, get into water sports or sculpt your summer body to perfection while in the water.
This seasons hottest swimwear trends emphasize on your right to experiment with new styles and mix and match bold colors with daring prints and speak out your mind. From cut-out monokinis, vibrant citrus and soothing pastels, floral prints to graphics, sugary retro to glamorous 80s, from dressing up in style of pin up to lady like dresses there is plethora of options , here are a few to take your pick from...

Reminiscent of fashionable swimsuits of the80s:
Sporty silhouette and geometric design in the style of color blocks with the use of bright contrasting colors. Creating visual interest is key to this look.

Floral Prints are the most fashionable prints of the new season. Dainty, in small repetitive patterns or bigger in vibrant colors, there is a wide variety to pick from. The color palette, if closely observed is dominant of pinks, reds, oranges and blues.

Prints are no longer restricted to PrĂȘt & Haute collection but have made their way into swimwear as well. Its time to take the pressure off your bikini challenged body by assuring all eyes are on your gorgeous looking swimsuit.

Dare to bare, taking a leap forward in the fashion history of swimwear design.
It’s the art of revealing and concealing. This style is adopted by various designers in their own way, by giving it a peek-a-boo lingerie style to being a pretty lady in a dress! Pair it up with some bold accessories and you are sure to make a lot of women envy.

The future may be bright, but the past is even bolder. One of the hottest trends of the season - is the design of swimsuits in the style of pin-up and the retro of the 50s: the top in form of a bustier, low necklines and high waist in panties which transforms you into an epic beach siren. Though this trend has been consistently repeated over the past two seasons, it still continues to work wonders and is practically adopted by almost all designers.

 So whats your pick?

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