Thursday, 13 September 2012

Holi Ganga

This post is coming up really late but yeah this is what Haridwar looked like on the day of Holi.
You are a little hesitant, a little lost and too cautious when your parents come up with a brilliant idea of -'Oh! Holi in Haridwar will be fun and pious', but once you get there you tend to agree.
You don't really know anyone around, hundreds of strangers all covered in gulaal throwing water 'thaelees' at each other and just enjoying the festival without any wrong intentions, how beautiful is that!
Here are some of the pictures from that memorable day..

Ganga Maiya!

Cuz Pink and Yellow Will never go out of Fashion! 


 Gau Mata



 Like Father Like Son




Slipping Again?Pull Chain! 

 Shubh Aarambh

 Mast Ram Baba

 Name: Pta nai

Profession: Coin collector
Income: > Rs. 5000/day :O

Holi Spirit

Isn't it just magical! You must go there whenever you get the chance to!

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