Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wearing that Denim Shirt right

Denim is one fabric which is just not going out of fashion!
If all your good clothes are out for a wash/ dirty/ crumpled there is no need to throw a panic attack, as Denim top is to your rescue! It could be your own or that of your elder sis/bro/maa/dad, you can always pull it off with ease!
These were the 4 looks I did as a part of my Styling Assignment. 1 Denim Shirt+4 Moods= 4 Different Ways of Wearing it.

Going Shopping?

Outdoor Event

 Out with Friends

The Wanderer

Because styling does not imply putting on a new dress. Its how you can recreate a look and make it fashionable and fresh!


  1. love the last one, denim shirt wid slouchy pants!!

    U have a nice blog, but wud love it more if the picture size was a tad bigger.